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Employment screening is important to both job applicants and employers. Recent surveys of Human Resources professionals revealed 75 percent of businesses – 3 out of 4 – conduct criminal background checks and verifications of employment and education as part of their employment screening process. Why use To find out ahead of time what a background report may show AND to help get your application noticed!


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions by Employers


How does help me? takes the guesswork out of hiring by providing you with independently pre-verified facts about your candidates. No longer are you forced to accept applicants' statements about whom they are or what they did, only to find out later that this information is not true. No longer do firms need to delay hiring decisions to conduct costly and time-consuming reference checks. With, what you see is what you get. When you read Reports from applicants who have used the service, you know you are dealing with bona fide candidates who are ready, willing and able to have their information verified independently. That saves you time and money in the recruiting process.

In addition, an employer can utilize to be their platform to perform background checks on applicants or vendors.  Simply sign-up, set up your account and send applicants to for a completely paperless background checking procedure. 
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How do I use to verity the candidate I am considering?

Look for a Seal of Verification on a Report or a Certificate of Verification. That shows that you are looking at a pre-verified candidate. The Seal or Certificate of Verification will contain an Access Code and the JobSeeker's ID (their e-mail address). Simply enter the information from hardcopy into our system, and you can instantly see an applicant's Verification Report (See Samples).
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What Information am I seeing? independently verifies past employment education and credentials (See Sample). This information, which we have independently pre-verified through our own efforts, belongs exclusively to If a jobseeker has requested a criminal check, that will also appear, although public records are only displayed for 90 days because the information becomes stale. 

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How does the screening performed by differ from other services?

By using, an employer can review a candidate who was pre-screened by an independent, outside professional Credentials Verification Organization (CVO). Many job sites use the word "screened' simply to mean that the candidate's non-verified resume is submitted to some sort of matching software. When says a candidate is screened we mean that we have conducted independent professional checks to verify the facts, including past jobs, schools, professional certificates and credentials. In addition, is an ongoing service, and not a one-time static background check.
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Do I need to register to use

That depends totally on how you use  If you are only looking up an applicant's verified credentials, and you are given an applicant's email address (also called the JobSeeker ID) and their Access code, you can look up the job seeker and see their verified credentials and other reports that the applicant has ordered form If you are utilizing as a platform to perform background checks, then you need to register.

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What is a JobSeeker ID?

The JobSeeker ID is an applicant's e-mail address. Each applicant using the serve will supply their JobSeeker ID on their Seal or Certificate of Verification.
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What is an Access Code?

An Access Code is a code word or set of numbers that a JobSeeker may give to a prospective employer to allow that employer to access his or her online Verification Report with Use of Access Codes allows JobSeekers to protect their information from unwarranted access.
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Do applicants know that I looked at their Reports?

If an applicant has given you their Jobseeker ID and Access code, then the applicant has intended for you to see their report.  However, no other notification is sent.
If an employer sends an applicant to for a background check, the applicant is giving authorization for that employer to view their report. 
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What information is contained in a verified Report? currently verifies employment, education, professional credentials and licenses. For employment, will attempt to verify start date, end date, job title, and salary. For education, will attempt to verify dates of attendance and degrees granted.
For professional credentials and licenses, will attempt to obtain the name of the credential or license, any identifying number, the name of the issuing agency, when obtained and periods of validity. At this time, does not obtain subjective or reference information from past employers, such as "Please describe the quality of the applicant's work," or "Did the applicant show leadership skills". The reason is that there are too many variables. will obtain and report only factual matters.
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How do you get the information? utilizes the services of a nationally recognized independent Credentials Verification Organization. This is an independent, third party that specializes in contacting past employers and schools to verify information on behalf of employers. The CVO uses accepted industry practices and techniques to obtain information on behalf of job applicants. The primary method is to make telephone contact with the appropriate party. On some occasions, fax and mail are used to obtain the information. The CVO also has access to various national and regional databases.
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Why do you limit past employment verification to factual matters, instead of asking questions about job performance? sticks just to the facts. Qualitative reference questions (such as "Describe the applicant's strengths") can be very sensitive matters to past employers and applicants alike. Many employers will provide only factual information and have a policy against reference information. In addition, most prospective employers have their own specific questions when doing reference interviews. In addition, it is difficult to judge the usefulness of third party reference checks. However, just having the verified facts is extremely valuable in a job search. It allows an employer to focus on just the top candidates.
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Are their any limitations on my use of the information?

Although provides Reports that have been pre-verified by a professional Credentials Verification Organization (CVO), the services are governed by our Terms of Use for the site, as well as applicable state and federal laws and regulations that are applicable to all employment decisions.
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Can guarantee I will hire the best candidate for the job?

No. does not act as a guarantor or insurer that you are hiring the correct candidate. The hiring decision is completely up to you. utilizes industry best practices in order to verify that a candidate has the job history, and educational and credentials that they claim as well as other checks that are run.
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I am a recruiting or staffing firm. Can I use

YES! If a JobSeeker provides a staffing agency or recruiter with a Access Code and JobSeeker ID, then that candidate can be instantly verified. For a staffing firm, a verified applicant could be sent out to work that day! For recruiters, saves valuable time and energy by giving instant verification. Staffing firms and recruiters can cut the placement time dramatically by suggesting to JobSeekers that they come pre-verified.
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If I use, do I need to do any other background check?

If an employer looks at a candidate's verified credentials and background information as part of the hiring process, an employer should still conduct whatever due diligence they normally perform. The value of is to help employers sort through a sea of resumes and focus on those candidates who were willing to have their qualifications scrutinized by An employer is still well advised to take their normal steps to make sure a person is a good fit for the job and organization. In addition, a firm may still wish to conduct a criminal record check. currently offers both applicant supplied criminal checks and background checks packages for employers. Since usually the employer decides where to conduct the search and how extensive it should be, not an applicant, employers can purchase background screening packages and send their job applicants to use these packages. Also, because a criminal search is only good up until the day it was conducted, when an applicant supplies the criminal search, there is a 90-day time limit unless that applicant needs another background check. uses a leading nationwide background-screening firm, Employment Screening Resources (ESR) -- -- that can supply expert criminal background checks for both applicants and employers.

If an employer is using as their background screening program, then the report is your background check. 
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