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Employment screening is important to both job applicants and employers. Recent surveys of Human Resources professionals revealed 75 percent of businesses – 3 out of 4 – conduct criminal background checks and verifications of employment and education as part of their employment screening process. Why use To find out ahead of time what a background report may show AND to help get your application noticed!



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions by Employers and Job Seekers

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Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Job Applicants & Employers: 

Why is this service valuable to me?

There are millions of resumes on the Internet, and they all have one thing in common; they all depend upon what people choose to say about themselves. Yet employers know that up to 30% of resumes contain serious misrepresentations or omissions. Also, employers know that some 70% of applications have no real relevance to the job.  The question for a job applicant is, "how can I get my resume TO THE TOP of the pile?"  The purpose of My ESRcheck is to get the attention of employers because they can see you are FOR REAL. With, applicants stand a much better chance of getting noticed. 
Stand out of the crowd with a certified background check from MyESRcheck!

How do I decide whether it is worth the price?
That depends on the value you place upon your accomplishments and your future. For a person who understands the advantage of furthering his or her professional career with a verified job and credential history, the fees are minimal. The cost of each verification is about the same as going to the movies and buying popcorn.
Think of all of the sundries and things you have spent money on just in the last month and ask yourself, "Are any of those going to benefit me the rest of my life?"  "Is any other thing I just dropped $20 on going to help me better my job or career, so I can support myself or my family better?"

How far back should I go when creating Verifications?
Most employers keep records on past employees for between 5 and 10 years. 

How private is my information? has a very simple privacy policy--it is your information and you control what we do with it. Therefore, we only obtain information you request, and release it only with your permission. In between, it stays safe and secure in our servers, which have state-of-the-art protection. 

I am an employer?  How do I use
Three ways:
First: if an applicant sends you a resume or application with the seal and access information, you know you are dealing with a serious and qualified candidate.  Use the e-mail and access code the applicant provides to view the verified background check online.
Second: You can use as a way to vet vendors.  Simply require your vendors to come to  An employer can set up a vendor package ahead of time and provide it to vendors who will come to our site.
Third: provides a simplified background check process.  Sign up with and we will provide a package code.  Send your applicant to our site with an Employer ID and Package Name and we do the rest.  The legally required release is done online for a completely paperless and hassle-free system. 


We are a school where background checks are needed due to licensing requirements.  How do we do that?
With, it is simple for schools to have applicants complete their own background check. Simply sign up with, and we will design a standard package that fits your needs.  Give your student our website address along with an Employer ID and Package Name and we handle everything else!  And, there is no paperwork involved for the students.  It is all handled online (with the exception of certain international background checks).


What happens if I disagree with some of the information?
There may be occasions when an applicant disagrees with information obtained by Here is how that works; If you are doing your own check, simply do not give access to the employer until you contact and let us know what you disagree with, why, and supply some information we can use to resolve the matter. If you are sent to this site by a school or employer, you have rights to have the matter re-investigated under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


Are there ever any surprise costs?
NO! When consumers sign up and check out, they know their total cost before they approve it. There are never any additional or surprising costs. Likewise, employers can also set up packages and know the cost structure ahead of time.


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